Welcome Manon!

Hi all,

My name is Manon and I am the new booster of the heartbeat circle. After more than one year of full energizing volunteer's experience, I have now the opportunity to merge my master internship with a new role within the euforia organisation.

I am currently doing a master degree in Standardization, social regulation and sustainable development at the University of Geneva. I recently found a passion fusioning all my solution-oriented dedication/contribution at euforia with what I am studying: organizational management. My main task during the next 4 month at euforia will be to design better guidelines to ensure a real working culture based on self-management. In addition to that, I have the project to do my master thesis on euforia's organizational model to show how, according to me, euforia is building a new theoretical model (mix of hierarchic, holocratic and other management models). Therefore, I am really excited to live this four next month, to finally be part of the team and to discover the working culture of euforia from inside.

Last words: I consider myself as a euforia's baby. What does that mean? Recently I sort of gave birth to myself and finally found my purpose of life. It is largely due to my experience within euforia. My values and motos are therefore quite alined with euforian's: self-awareness, tolerance, wealth of diversity, trust in the process (life, self, others), dare to try and to fail, fun AND SIMPLICITY!