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The Unleash Project - Institutional level: Organizations of the 21st century

The Unleash Project is an open source, inclusive, transformative and experience-­driven exploration program to thrive in the paradigm shift of work of the 21st century across sectors and generations. Like-minded youth, individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds explore the attitudes, skills and knowledge it takes to move from careers to vocation.

The institutional level gives the participants the opportunity to explore attitudes, skills and knowledge to unleash potential for well-being and impact at the institutional level:

  • Institutional cultures, structures and models adapted to the new contexts
  • Good Practices for Innovation, Sustainability, Best-Place-to-Work and Human-Centred Leadership
  • Collaboration across organizations and sectors

Location: Salle communale du Môle, Rue du Môle 21, 1201 Genève

Find the detailed programme here.
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