Share, exchange and connect


As our changemakers network is filled with people who have all kinds of talents, we organize regular Share & Grow Nights in different cities. The Share & Grow Night is an event that creates a space for people in our community to share and exchange some of their inspiration with others. It should be an open, flexible and interactive place where all members of the euforia community can sign up to share their knowledge and skills, get input on ideas and projects, and try out new ideas in a "safe space".

Organizing or participating to a Share & Grow Night is a great opportunity to (re-)connect with the community on a social level, and to give people who do not know about euforia an experience of what euforia is all about! Furthermore the Share & Grow format is an opportunity to deepen the methodologies we introduce in our trainings and a space to present changemaker projects and receive feedback as well as support.

Organize your own Share & Grow Night

Do you have a project (idea) to present, a methodology to share or simply want to connect to people living in your region? We are happy to help you organize your own Share & Grow Night!

Share & Grow Nights can be:

  • An opportunity to create bonds, have fun time and support each other

  • A follow-up content wise on some of our training programmes (eg: imp!act)

  • A place to challenge changemakers projects

  • Connect individuals and projects

This is important to keep in mind when hosting a Share & Grow:

  • Let euforias five values inspire you.

  • Remember to create an active and interactive place (avoid doing powerpoint presentation for hours)

  • Usually we start our gatherings at euforia with a check in (each person share how they are doing, who they are or why they showed up)

  • Keep it light, and do not hesitate to keep it playful too :)

  • At the end of the Share & Grow Night, there is a little apero and people can bring some snacks or drinks to share.

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