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We believe in the potential of the individual, which lies at the heart of teams, organizations and companies. Through unconventional, experience-based facilitation methods we provide the empowering framework in which your transformation can be co-created and co-owned by your employees.


In a world changing at an increasing speed, organizations come across a wide range of both local and global challenges. Uberization, digitalization, and the integration between the generations X, Y and Z as well as the failure of existing working cultures and business strategies are among the most cited ones. Present leadership models, career paths, organigrammes and ways of working will drastically change in the next decade. We accompany organisations in the transition towards sustainable and empowering working cultures. In our services, we focus our impact on four dimensions:

the individual

How do you grow strong and authentic leaders, that are proactive and can foster collaboration?

the teams

How do you build and nurture trust in a team, so that it can unleash its full potential and collective intelligence?

the organisation

How do you drive innovation and human-centered leadership, while creating a more sustainable business and a great place to work?

the society

How do you create meaningful careers and institutions full of purpose and innovation?


What we offer


Leading with Impact is a Leadership and Change Management programme which prepares current and future leaders for these challenges and offers an intense and direct exchange between executives and young talents. Participants reflect on their own leadership style and learn the necessary skills to become the leaders of the 21st century.



Radical Collaboration® is a methodology for building high-trust relationships in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and agility. It is for everybody who has a role when different interests may create a conflict and particularly beneficial for people who are responsible for creating more collaborative cultures.

We also design tailor-made programmes fitted to the specific needs of your organization and offer our facilitation expertise for your meetings, conferences, workshops and retreats in the following areas:

  • Intergenerational collaboration: Enabling mutual understanding across generations both as clients and employees with a special focus on the Generation Y.
  • Leadership in the 21st century: Transforming your organization into the ‘best place to work’ by engaging and empowering your employees and implementing new strategies, cultures and innovations.
  • Team building: Building trust, a common understanding, vision and purpose in your team, making use of the collective intelligence.
  • Individual and organizational well-being: Foster a pleasant working environment that respects every employee’s well-being.
  • Self-management and Teal organizations: Sharing of best practices in holacratic and sociocratic structures and accompaniment of the process to become a teal organization.

Six reasons to choose us a partner

  1. Empowering framework: Unlike conventional consultants, we take the role of a empathetic facilitator, creating the space for you to create the solution yourself – because you are the expert!
  2. Authenticity: We’re walking the talk! We are living the working cultures and values we impart and bring in the mindset and energy of the Generation Y.
  3. Human being in the center: We focus on soft skills and provide a learning environment with a basis of trust, where everybody can show up as they are.
  4. Lateral thinking: Thanks to our experiential methods, your learnings are more powerful and durable. Plus, it’s much more fun.
  5. Relevance and impact: Our methods are open-source and immediately applicable to your business context.
  6. Strong background: Over the course of our 10-plus years of experience working with young individuals, teams and top managers of large companies, we have facilitated trainings and programmes ranging from 6 up to 1,000 people.


Who has trusted us so far?

PostFinance | Swisscom | Jobcloud | Terre des hommes Schweiz | Glenmark | WWF Schweiz | Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW | Retraites Populaires | Migros | Die Post | Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich | University of St. Gallen | Schindler | Mairie de Saint-Julien | IDMC | Oxford University | Unitar | Hospice Général Genève | Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève | Confédération Suisse en Lettonie | Université de Genève | Business School Lausanne


 “At imp!act one may feel euphoric together with young, creating something tangible from scratch in a very short period of time, and to be part of it.”
— Reto Fuchs, Head of System Integration Swisscom Enterprise

 “I started teaching last millennium, and my on the job training emphasized entirely on content and quality of information and how to transmit it in the shortest period of time. During the whole workshop one thing became very clear to me: Designing a class is not about the content - it is about the students! What needs do they have, and then choosing the content that is related to those needs. I now engage in a student centric design of content!”
— Prof. Brusoni, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management of ETH

 “euforia did a great job regarding the facilitation of inter-generational dialogue in a big group. I see this potential also in other diversity topics. Divers teams are more creative, also in solution finding, and therefore often take better decisions – if they learn to listen to each other and to build on each other’s strengths.”
— Marion Scharpf, Director HR Development of Migros


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