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B Ø W I E - Bern

B Ø W I E allows you to launch your project in the field of gender, surrounded by a community that brings you inspiration, skills and support.

The challenges related to gender are still very present: women still earn 20% less than men, 19% of women have had non-consensual sex, a woman reaches orgasm on average once out of 5 times, same-sex couples still cannot get married in Switzerland and founding a family remains difficult, the unemployment rate of trans* people is 5 times higher than the average, and intersex, asexual or even aromantic people are still unknown to the majority of the population.

But society is changing: campaigns like #metoo, demonstrations like Prides or the emergence of inspiring initiatives enabled by social media highlight these inequalities, brings them creative answers and, above all, make us feel that together we can create the world in which we aspire to live.

B Ø W I E, is YOUR opportunity to join this movement and create your own impact on the topics that are important to you! Are you in?

This event is launched by BEYOUTNETWORK and an adaption of euforia’s imp!act program

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