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New Ways of Working - from Ego to Eco

  • University of Geneva 14 Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve Genève, GE, 1205 Switzerland (map)

We often hear : our world is evolving at an ever faster rate, we need new structures, new management models, career paths and working methods.

But : there is no concrete model to experiment with or simple recommendations to make up a new system.

It is clear that : to face today’s challenges, we need to move from an ego-centered system or "ego-system" that is obsolete - illustrated by our way of communicating via e-mail - to a system involving the collaboration of many people within an "eco-system" of employees, partners, customers, competitors and society - such as Slack.
In this two hours workshop, we will examine how tools such as Slack (and many others) allow us to move from an ego-based collaboration to a collaboration based on the eco-system. Inspired by Sociocracy 3.0 and the world of "teal" or "liberated" organizations, we will play with roles, circles, tensions and drivers as new practices that you can instantly start in your organization as a small experiment.

In groups, we will exchange ideas, share the specific needs, contexts and experiences of each participant in order to start from the workshop with lots of new ideas to change the world of work the next day!
This workshop is based on a "pay-as-much-as-you-want" logic, which means that you decide for yourself the value of the event and pay the corresponding amount at the end of the workshop in a secret box!
University of Geneva
Building - Uni Mail
Room - M4389
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