Who we are

We strive to co-create a global movement that unleashes the potential of people in order to take action for a more just society in which people respect themselves, others and the environment. 

Our organization was born out of a common need to make this world a better place. Our work is very purpose-driven to achieve greater impact and wellbeing on an individual, organizational and societal level. Our values are at the core of our daily work and have accompanied us throughout the past years and we are living them fully:

  • Dedication and impact: We are unsatisfied with the current world and dedicated to taking action and joining forces with unlikely allies in order to foster justice, respect and wellbeing for current and future generations.
  • Authenticity: euforia stands for idealism, creativity, passion, naivety, flexibility, subversiveness, diversity, spicyness and integrity.
  • Joie de vivre and Wholebeing: Fun, meaning, and friendship fuel us, but we do not hesitate to stand up for our personal needs.
  • Radical Collaboration: We give everyone the opportunity to reach her/his full potential within a context of inclusion, competence and openness.
  • Oops culture: Be ambitious, be courageous, dare to doubt of yourself and enjoy the right to fail.

Our impact has been recognized by several awards, notably by Ashoka, UNESCO and the World Economic Forum.