You want to become a co-creator for social impact? A paradigm shifter, a fun creator, an innovative facilitator?


euforia is a youth-driven social business that unleashes youth’s potential, recognized by UNESCO, WEF and many more. We aim at empowering 10 million youth worldwide by 2020 to take action and become changemakers for sustainable development.

We do this through innovative, fun, experiential, award-winning events and trainings such as the imp!act training as well as further training opportunities.


Our offer to you is to now join the (r)evolution lab where we share our methodology, knowledge and skills with enthusiastic young pioneers like YOU in order to co-create a movement of changemakers.


In the (r)evolution lab you will take part in a training programme of the value of several thousands Swiss Francs, including:

  1. Real responsibility and invaluable professional experience for a highly ambitious and exciting project;
  2. Top notch training in project and team management, fundraising, facilitation, coaching, communication skills (public speaking, pitching etc.) and much more;
  3. Personalized coaching by experienced euforia volunteers to take your leadership to the next level;
  4. The opportunity to co-create the (r)evolution lab by developing and organizing training events;
  5. The possibility to design our own workshops and training sessions in order to share your knowledge and skills with the euforia community and other companies and organizations.


As a member of the (r)evolution lab you offer to actively take part in this movement of changemakers. In the first phase, together with a team you will take on the leadership of an imp!act event. During the second phase, you will organize and facilitate sessions during (r)evolution lab training events.


To become part of the (r)evolution lab you are:

  • Sharing euforia ́s values and vision;
  • Motivated to work in teams with like-minded young people from different backgrounds;
  • Solution-focused and eager to take on responsibility;
  • Fluent in French or German, and have at least a passive understanding of English (training language);
  • Between 18 and 30 years old (+/-)


Yes, yes, yes?! Then APPLY NOW!

To join the kick-off weekend from September 9 - 11, 2016, sign up HERE