Groups don’t become teams just
because we call them so.

The difference between a group of people and a team is a matter of performance. A team is always worth more than the sum of its parts, because it enables synergies and collaboration. A highly performing team often has a shared understanding, is able to collaborate, is made out of team members with heterogeneous skills and is based on trust. And the great thing about teams is that it benefits individuals too. Team members learn from and support each other, which also creates a sense of belonging and commitment. In short, working together as a team enables members to apply their individual perspectives, experience, and skills to solve complex problems together, beyond the scope of what they could individually do.

On the opposite, newly created team, or poorly performing teams often share similar problems:

  • They lack the understanding of the team (roles, responsibilities, leadership,...) and a common vision
  • They are poor at communicating, and therefore members cannot learn from each other
  • They suffer regular conflict
  • They fail at completing each other’s strengths, which makes them poor innovators and creates gaps
  • They lack a team identity, and cannot foster any feeling of belonging
  • Their team members do not trust each other, and there is no reliability

To develop strengths and overcome challenges, it is important to build and maintain good team working.

Our approach for more effective teams

Every team is unique. And because each of its members brings individual needs that he/she wants the team to meet, we fit our approach, methodologies and tools to meet those exigences. Our goal is to provide a team with an experience, in which it is possible to reach its highest potential in a lively confrontation with its own context. We believe that teams have a natural potential to collaborate and innovate. This is why we will dedicate ourselves to your team, in order for it to consciously tap into its potential and successfully change its relationships within the framework of its challenges (flexibility, stability, daily business,..). We do this by taking the role of facilitators and “space holders”, as we offer an experience-based learning frame to foster lively discussion among team members. The goal is to derive concrete measures and next steps through intense discussions, which can be autonomously implemented.

Our teambuilding workshops create a real connection within the team and foster a collaborative working culture. It enables the teams to experience and maintain an attitude of trust, openness, deep exchange, as well as co-creating a common team culture.


"Effective teams increase the productivity, satisfaction, and growth of each of its team members, the team itself and the organisation"

— Katzenberg & Smith


What we have done in the past:


The Team Lab is a spin off of leading with impact at Swisscom. The goal of this program is to enable teams to face their own context and experience in order to derive a common understanding, vision and actions, and unleash the full potential of the teams.

WWF Team retraite — The goal of our team building workshop for WWF, was to create a true connection inside the team and establish a collaborative working culture. It enabled participants to become aware of and experience a trustful and open attitude, deep exchanges, as well as a co-creating a common and shared team culture.

Want to know more or unleash the potential of your team? — Then contact:


Severin von Hünerbein
Euphoric Business Enabler