Sonia Esparza


HeartBeat Skipper


Sonia holds the keys not only to the office, the mailbox and the cellar but pretty much to all things related to our heartbeat Circle. I.e the circle responsible for all support functions within euforia. So in that sense she is the backbone of our team. She has to keep things tidy and structured in sea of overflowing creativity and funkiness. For that she must be strict and systematic, but always with a gentle, very human, touch. Let’s call her our Iron Lady with velvet gloves.Sonia embodies many of euforia values, and there’s an amazing story to illustrate her dedication and impact. Before joining us, she had a very comfortable position in a major fashion company but she felt the need to help contribute to improve the state of the world through her job. Hence she summoned the courage to quit and decided to look for her dream impact job. She chose us and we’re really happy about it. ;-)