Every step into action event invites more than 1,000 high school students to explore their potential to locally tackle global challenges. Through interactive workshops, games and informative stands students realise how important their personal commitment and individual contribution are to sustainable development.


Inspiring non-formal education methods get students to think about the future of the planet and of mankind, and - more importantly - get them to find ways to address major global issues. Pupils are encouraged to change their everyday habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle, learn how to get involved with over 20 partner organisations present at the event, and are even invited to create their own sustainable projects with friends or classmates.


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What is step into action?

step into action consists of 3 phases:

1. School visits: Volunteers trained by euforia visit participating classes to initiate the students to the event and have them familiarise with sustainable development. Participants start reflecting on societal and environmental challenges and choose their individual focus: migration, solidarity, human rights, economy or environment.

2. Interactive workshop: a 3-hour journey to discover social and/or environmental causes and how to tackle. In teams, participants master different challenges across three levels:

awareness, through workshops by local NGOs and youth organisations

reflection, thanks to engaged young people sharing their changemaker experience. 

action, through stands by local organisations who present engagement opportunities for students

3. Support of school and individual projects and evaluation: Together with its partner organisations, especially Boost Your School, we further encourages students to continue their engagement. 


And what about teachers?

Teachers are invited to participate in an interactive workshop designed to discover the innovative methods of education for sustainable development. They get the chance to brainstorm and share their ideas with colleagues as well as with representatives of local NGOs and organisations. Once the event is over, they are supported in creating concrete sustainable initiatives or projects for their classes if they wish.


Concluding results

step into action has successfully taken place since 2011 and already 4’691 students participating in five years ! The results of the last edition (Geneva 2016) were always concluding : 97% of the participants want to change their daily habits and 80% would like to become volunteer for an existing organisation or had started their own project.


For more details, check our website www.step-into-action.org or contact us step@euforia.org.