Radical Collaboration® is a methodology for building high-trust relationships at work in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and agility. Today nobody succeeds alone. You must have the skills to build relationships and to form alliances. This is true in everyday situations between individuals as well as between project teams, departments, companies and organizations.


Workplaces lacking skills in collaboration waste time and resources. They are less creative, have higher turnover, lower trust, longer lead times and lower employee satisfaction. Radical Collaboration® is a three day interactive training, which focuses on the five skills, listed below, that are essential to building and maintaining climates of trust and collaboration between individuals, teams and within organizations. This training is a catalyst for building more effective work environments and more trusting relationships. Collaboration doesn't just happen by itself, it requires both a skill-set and a mind-set, both of which can be learned through this workshop


“You cannot compete externally
if you can’t first collaborate internally.”
— Jim Tamm


Learning Objectives

This hands-on workshop will help you:

  • Build collaborative skills
  • Gain understanding of the elements of building and maintaining long-term climates of trust
  • Learn about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, particularly in conflicted situations
  • Gain personal insights into attitudes and behaviors in conflicted situations
  • Practice good dialogue and problem solving in simulated and real-time situations
  • Develop skills in establishing and solidifying partnerships and alliances

The 5 skills for Collaboration



Collaborative Intention Stay non-defensive and focus on mutual gains in relationships



Truthfulness Create a climate of honesty and openness that allows people to feel safe enough to discuss difficult issues.



Self-Accountability Take responsibility for the consequences of your, both intended and unintended actions.



Awareness of Self and Others Know yourself and others well enough to explore difficult interpersonal issues to solve problems.



Problem-Solving and Negotiation Negotiating your way through inevitable conflicts, in a way that builds relationships rather than undermining them.


The Radical Collaboration® training is proven to make a big difference in any organization, in a very short amount of time. As the study from J. Kotter and James Heskett shows, collaborative skills are essential to ensure long term profitability, and companies with collaborative cultures (Green Zone) hugely outperform ones with adversarial cultures (Red Zone).



Radical Collaboration® is for anyone working with people

This workshop cultivates the interpersonal and problem solving skills that will help you deal with difficult people and avoid being one of them. It will teach you how to skillfully navigate conflicts and turn adversarial situations into situations of trust and collaboration. It is particularly beneficial for leaders and managers, who are practically responsible for creating more collaborative cultures.


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