Our impact

What do people do after a euforia training?

Since 2007, we have mobilised over 500 young volunteers who organised more than 200 euforia trainings and events in Switzerland as well as in different countries in Europe, Africa and South America. This translates into over 8'000 youths and executives having participated in our trainings.

6 months after our trainings, 50 to 70% of our participants have become more actively involved in finding local solutions to global challenges, be it

through changing their consumption habits, volunteering, or starting their own social initiatives. By inspiring their peers to take action.

Our impact was singled out by several awards, notably by Ashoka, UNESCO and the World Economic Forum. euforia was also covered by euronews, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and the Swiss National Radio. We also created a buzz on YouTube and Facebook, spreading our changemaking movement to millions of people worldwide.

The new commitments that emerge at our trainings take various forms:



of the participants change their behavior, especially when it comes to responsible consumption, transportation or fields of studies.



join an existing initiative or organization, for example a local Red Cross or WWF chapter.



join the (r)evolutionLab and become the driving force behind our empowering imp!act and STEP into action events.

“It is impressive how people are empowered thanks to euforia’s events. You can feel it and you can measure it.”
— Florian Hoos, Professor at HEC Paris (in charge of our evaluation)