Terms & Conditions


The Marketplace is an open and transparent tool, where we treat each other respectfully. 

Projects can be purposed by anyone, we trust that the people and organisations who feels attracted to sign up a project, will use the marketplace in accordance to our values. 

We ask every project holder to consider and state how the project is in alignment with the euforia value. 

Any person who have signed the euforia charter can sign up to a project. 


Marketplace principles:

Dedication and impact: We are unsatisfied with the current world and dedicated to taking action and joining forces with unlikely allies in order to foster justice, respect and wellbeing for current and future generations.

Conscious change making: We want to take social entrepreneurship to the next level, away from falling into the trap of the hamster wheel driven by the idea of maximum impact, influence and result, and further towards human connection, wellbeing and holistic changemaking.

Authenticy: euforia stands for idealism, creativity, passion, naivety, flexibility, subversiveness, diversity, spicyness and integrity. We value the power of our authenticity and our curiousity to explore the question “ What is my/our unique being?”. We want the human(s) -  not the project(s), to be in the middle. (“Humans first”)

Radical Collaboration: it is our aim with the marketplace to focus less on having a new best project or product, and instead focus more on a new way of collaborating with partners, companies and each other (another way of being)

Playfulness: We promote the Oops culture, where we dare to be courageous and enjoy the right to fail. We are immature and playful prototypers, because we know that we wont think our way into a new way of doing things, we have to act our way into a new way of being and thinking.

Sustainable: We want a “Selfcaring Community". Projects groups supporting other project groups, creates real sustainability. Financially, physically(meet up), Practically (guidance and support) socially, professionally(skill sharing) and spiritually.

Thought leading: A mindset incubator for personal development and new qualities in change making. We seek to let the euforias value and philosophy influence the world of social entrepreneurship