Dialogue Evening



We are looking for hosts to facilitate our Dialogue Evenings, or for motivated space owners, whom would like to bring a Dialogue Evening into their space. In Collaboratio Helvetica we run Dialogue Evenings on topics related to the Sustainable development goals, in different locations all over Switzerland, with the aim to involve the Swiss population in meaningful conversations around these topics.

We invite the local community to take part in a conversation were we explore our relation, ambiguities, experiences and questions we have regarding society biggest challenges. The dialogue space is were we wish to let go of the urge to find right answers and produce tangible solutions as fast as possible, and instead spent time on exploring the right questions as well as creating a more meaningful conversation. Further, Dialogue Evenings are an opportunity for the host venue to establish a connection with the local community and position themselves as a forum where ideas, thoughts and feelings can be exchanged.


One afternoon to prepare and the actual evening 


Willingness and curiosity to learn more about how to hold and host meaningful conversations and deeper dialogues between humans. 

If you have a space you would like to provide, you dont have to facilitate or host the space, you can also just offer your space and join as a participant. 

Project Holder:

Collaboration Helvetica 

reach out to: sidsel.andersen@collaboratio.ch