Create an euphoric workshop at EVOLVE - oikos Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

Deadline: Sign up before 28th February 2018

We are looking for 1 to 2 people to take the lead on creating and implementing a euphoric workshop at EVOLVE.

EVOLVE is a platform for sharing about the increasing opportunities within social entrepreneurship and its rapidly evolving environment. The conference will also be a platform for exchanging ideas and building up one’s network.  EVOLVE is expecting 200 – 250 participants - students, startUps and corporates - who shall attend, learn and connect during the conference and become be an active part of the Social Entrepreneurship fostering platform.

You can be part of shaping the conference with an empowering workshop. We invite you to host a workshop on how to turn an idea into a concrete project.


20 / 21 April 2018


Having experience in programme design and facilitation.

Project holder: 

Severin Von Hünerbein. Get in touch with for more information.