U.lab 2018 Hub host cohort

Deadline: Sign up before 30th May 2018

collaboratio helvetica is looking for 20 to 50 people throughout Switzerland to be hub hosts for the Ulab 2018 and become part of a learning community. We have already partnered up with some organizations that offer their spaces as hubs (WHERE), now we need motivated and committed hosts (WHO) in order to broaden the community of U.lab practitioners to achieve common language in the community and ecosystem of changemakers as well as unlikely allies (e.g. levels of listening, Voice of Judgement, Voice of Cynicism).

What is U.Lab? U.Lab is an an open source online offline MOOC that offers a journey at the intersection of the contemplative and the scientific that allows for individuals and systems to develop self-awareness and thus enables deeper and more effective collaboration. It will run from September to December 2018.

What is collaboratio helvetica? At once platform, community, organisation, laboratory and movement, we aim at creating spaces to regenerate the culture of collaboration among communities of changemakers, unlikely allies and the Swiss ecosystem, Theory U/U.lab methods are part of its main approaches to creating those spaces.


Hosting starts in September 2018. First meeting possibly in June 2018.


Willingness and commitment to be U.lab hub host from September to December 2018 in a dedicated coworking place (or other) in Switzerland. Including 4 live sessions, initiation of coaching circles that will meet at least 6 times, general catallyzing and communication locally to attract people. In detail you will:

  • Facilitate 4 live sessions of approximately 3hours
  • Host/initiate coaching circle that meets 6x à 70 minutes
  • Go through Ulab online modules of MOOC - approx. 3 hours per week
  • Be part of approx. 4 hub host calls (voluntary)
  • Hub host community meeting 1-3 times (voluntary)


By hosting and going through the U.lab journey you learn a lot about yourself and how to create more self-awareness for individuals and communities. collaboratio helvetica will organize 3 meet-ups in the form of learning evenings for the hub host community. Potentially be part of programs to deepen facilitation skills in the future and host other formats of collaboratio helvetica, such as Dialogue Evenings, etc.

Project holder: 

Michela Güttinger