The Marketplace team


The aim of the marketplace is to bring forward a platform as a container for positive impact. Where communities of changemakers, active citizens and social artists can meet, collaborate, exchange and learn, and unleash the true potential within and outside of existing organisations. 

The marketplace is divided in two parts:

An online platform…

  • …that holds all projects and activities of euforia as well as projects outside of euforia. On this platform there is an online process with clear guidelines that makes it easy and simple to start and finish a project, and that allows everyone to submit own projects and join others.
  • … with a support structure that contains coaches and trainings to help individuals and teams in realizing their projects.
  • … with a long term scope and plan to have a constant flow of ideas, people and money, which allows organic growth and scaling.
  • …that stands behind the values and principles of euforia.

An offline platform…

  • …where the community organises “Share & Grow Nights” to share, exchange and develop new projects as well as to support each other in their ideas.

We need SOMEONE TO: 

- Help to translate projects to french and german, so that we can include more people and projects. 

- Help us with technical and IT, and who has knowledge to develop our website and online procedures. 

- We need to share, reach out and create awareness within other associations, companies, NGO´s and communities. And we need general help to spread the word.  


Some regular hours every week


we can offer a symbolic payment, according to the project you would like to do work on. 


Sidsel Andersen

Contact directly: