Develop the skills and competences required to tackle future major issues.

The global environment is currently going through major changes in the societal and environmental sphere. Today, not only are organizations required to grow in respect to sustainability criteria, but they also have to cope with a major shift in demographics with the emergence of powerful generations such as Y and Z.

The generations Y and Z are composed of individuals between 16 and 32 years old and will represent 75% of the entire workforce by 2025. In the near future, their spending power will exceed that of baby boomers.

To stay competitive in the market place or in the war for talents, it is essential for organizations to understand these new segments as future employees and part of a growing market segment.

The latest humanity's footprint has shown that we have exceeded the earth's bio capacity by 50%. It is now proven that if individuals and companies persist in the current behavior, we will need 2 planets to sustain our needs by 2030. Organizations can help reverse the current trend and they should be key actors in doing so.

To effectively address these challenges, new sets of skills and competences are required and among them, the ability to find innovative solutions and design new strategies with new business models.

“We set ourselves ambitious goals in the domains of innovation and leadership, we have to get ready for a new generation of employees. Leading with Impact will help us reach these goals.“
— Christian Petit,
Director Enterprise Customers,
Member of Swisscom’s Corporate Management

What solution: Leading with Impact

Leading with Impact is a leadership and change management program designed to prepare leaders to proactively tackle challenges ahead.

Leading with Impact was developed by euforia, a youth driven social enterprise, and the program has already received several distinctions from major organizations such as: Ashoka, Unesco, and the World Economic Forum.

This program gives a unique opportunity to professionals to interact directly with young people of the Y and Z generations.

"leading with impact has offered me a completely new take on sustainability: This kind of change cannot be mandated, it has to come from within."
— Marc Werner,
Director Residential Customers,
Member of Swisscom’s Corporate Management

leading with impact learning objectives:


  • Get participants to apply a human-centered leadership approach
  • Learn how to create an environment where innovation can foster
  • Provide a framework to help develop sustainable business models
  • Learn how to co-create an environment where team members can unleash their full potential

Benefits of the program

In the course of the program, participants will learn:

  • How to work with employees at all levels in every generation
  • What is specific and unique to generations Y and Z: traits, values, expectations, communication style, and expected leadership style
  • How to integrate sustainability in an area of responsibility
  • How to use an entrepreneurial approach in projects
  • How to initiate and manage cross functional collaboration

What makes the program unique?

  • Leaders will have the chance to be challenged by youth participants in order to experience the values, leadership, innovation, and workplace of the future.
  • It is not about theory. euforia provides hands-on experience with a 6-day program spread over the duration of 8 months. It offers managers a unique learning opportunity to practically work with young people to jointly prototype, build energy, and be creative and have fun in an empowering and hierarchy-free environment.
  • It creates a solution-oriented approach about the issues of sustainability management and how to deal with the new generations of youth.
“leading with impact has allowed me to reflect on myself and to become open to change."
— Bernard Hofmann,
Head of Business Development & Financial Services,
Member of Swisscom’s Corporate Management

Program structure

There are 2 phases in this program that amount for a total of 6 days of training over 8 months.

Phase 1: 3 days of training 1 one week

Day 1: Exploring the potential of sustainable innovation

  • Context and strategic relevance of the program
  • Get to know young aspiring leaders
  • Dive into the Euforia experience

Day 2: Leadership strategies for the 21st Century

  • Develop and apply leadership strategies to collaborate across sectors and generations
  • Introduction to Euforia's methodology (21st Century Leadership Model, Life purpose Model, Radical collaboration
  • Co-Creation and prototyping of sustainable innovations with young participants

Between day 2 and 3, participants return one day to their workplace and apply what they have learnt in the first 2 days.

Day 3: Practicing Human-Centered Leadership

  • Sustainability as the core of new business models
  • Open-mindedness for radical change and transformation
  • Learn to empower young project leaders
  • Set up of follow-p program and learning exchange

Phase 2: 3 Follow up program (3 days over 8 months)


About euforia

euforia is an independent, youth-driven social enterprise that provides youth and likeminded people with the experiences, tools, and the right mind-set to help them bring their ideas to life. Since 2007, Euforia has mobilized a network of over 350 young volunteers that has organized over 80 trainings and events all over Switzerland and abroad for more than 4’000 youths. On average, 6 months after the trainings, 50-70% of the participants became more actively involved in taking up the global challenges they care about locally.


An award-winning approach

Over the past 6 years, Euforia co-developed and refined its approach with renowned international facilitation, collaboration, and innovation experts. Its impact is widely recognized and notable by the following distinctions:

  • Selected as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum
  • Awarded distinction as project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development by the UNESCO
  • Decorated as an Ashoka Fellow joining the world’s foremost community of leading social entrepreneurs
  • Nominated by FORBES for its 30 under 30 list
  • Speaker at Davos World Economic Forum, European Business Summit, UNCTAD XIII, INSEAD Global Business Leaders Conference, HEC Paris, HSG St. Gallen, and many more
  • Covered by media outlets such as BBC, Euronews, CNBC, NZZ, SRF, 20 Minutes, and many more

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Phone: +41 22 320 90 59