Impact evaluation

Impact evaluation is a topic of utmost importance at euforia. In the past we made great experiences in working with independent scientific evaluators who developed an evaluation model adapted to our target public, ambitions and project modalities. This is how euforia's current impact monitoring system has been created by Prof. Florian Hoos from HEC Paris and Lise Penillard of Planète Entrepreneurs, two distinguished experts in the field of social impact measurement. Currently, they are writing a scientifc paper about their model and have already published a business case study about euforia.

This is why for this project we want to consult again the help of external evaluators who can create an evaluation system with the key stakeholders of this project that is both, scientifically rigorous and sufficiently lean to be scaled without major costs. The evaluation model has to be sophisticated (e.g. matched samples, key performance indicators based on scientific leadership scales, control groups, etc.) and simple, so that our volunteers feel empowered to use it independently once it has been built and validated by testing.