Entrepreneurs: After their participation in our training imp!act, João founded Refiller to reduce packaging waste in the fast food industry and Foodwaste Consulting to reduce food waste, Matthias founded Essento, which is prototyping new ways to cover protein needs through insect-based nutriments that are considerably more CO2-efficient and more healthy (he is also in the course of changing the Swiss law on this matter), and Kati founded Mondopoly to create playful encounters between teenagers and marginalized groups to foster social cohesion. More examples here.

Intrapreneurs: After volunteering for euforia Osi joined Swisscom to contribute to the co-creation of a new leadership academy based on teampreneurship principles, Kriti now works at Migros to innovate their business models and Emma is a trainer at UNITAR to build a peacebuilder movement in Africa together with Svenja. Many more changemakers we trained now work at Deloitte, Apple, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Caritas or the Swiss government, to name just a few.

Euforia-preneurs: After volunteering for euforia Massoud decided to take euforia to France, Juliana to Colombia and Isabel to Peru. They are all eager to learn from our new experiences with the Impact Career Academy to take that concept to their countries too. Currently there are many more volunteers in a total of 10 countries on 3 continents in the process of scaling euforia bottom-up.