Become a co-organizer of our transformative programs!


Do you strive for a career full of purpose and innovation? So do we! We are looking for like-minded teamplayers to co-organize The Unleash Project and (r)evolution lab — spaces where people across sectors, generations and hierarchies meet to shape the future of the workplace and organize transformative events.



We believe it is high time to mainstream new ways of learning, working and innovating that are adapted to the challenges our economy, society and environment face in the 21st century.

the unleash project is a transformative and experience-driven education program that empowers youth, executives and organizations to embrace the emerging era of digitalization, innovation and purpose. It provides participants with the experience, tools and mindset it takes to move from careers to vocation.

(r)evolution lab is a training program that provides people with the necessary project management and facilitation skills to organize transformative events for young people across the world.


What, how and when...

We are looking for a motivated team of hosts who organize the next program cycle (September 2017 to April 2018) of the unleash project or (r)evolution lab together with us and at the same time take part in the unleash project as participants.

What you get as a host:

  • You receive 4 days training and personal coaching during one year in project management, leadership, facilitation and self-management.
  • You decide in which domain of the project you want to work (program development, logistics, communications, participants management,...).
  • You experience a different kind of working culture based on co-creation, radical collaboration, pushing boundaries and the oops-culture (daring to try and fail).
  • You profit from a reduced price (pay what you can between 250 and 600 CHF) that includes the two training weekends and the participation of the unleash project.
  • You’ll enter a community of like-minded and highly motivated changemakers and get the opportunity to work together on new projects.
  • You have the chance participate at the Radical Collaboration® training in May for a reduced price.

What you offer as a host:

  • Some of your precious time to co-organize one of the two programs (4 workshop weekends) in an enthusiastic team with an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • You participate at the two training weekends: 3-4 June and 9-10 December 2017.
  • You already have basic experiences in Project Management and/or Facilitation.
  • You have basic English skills to be able to follow the trainings.
  • You share our values and vision.


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