Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #15

  • SCI Switzerland - Pre-Departure Training North-South, Bern
    Would you like to become a volunteer in one of our projects in the north-south region (Africa, Asia or Latin America)? Join one of our bold projects with a social, ecological or cultural focus (1-12 months). SCI is an international peace organization which promotes volunteering as a way of life! We want to live a culture of peace, promote intercultural understanding and non-violent communication. In order to join one of our projects, we invite you to our pre-departure training on the 27/28th of April 2019 at Bremgarten BE. Find out more. Apply now for the training.

  • SCI Switzerland - "Peace on the Streets" : International Training about Street Activism
    SCI is an international peace organization. With this seminar, we are aiming at the following:

    • Train youth workers basics of campaigning and street actions - indirect target group: youth

    • Give youth workers the tools to support youth in expressing themselves and their hopes for a peaceful future through activism

    • Increase the quality and amount of youth projects for peace and against war

    • Bring non-formal peace education to the streets of Europe and to as a consequence increase public understanding around militarism

    • Raise the possibilities of people within the Europe volunteering movement to get active in peace activism

    • Come up with new and creative street actions that effectively target war and militarism in our societies

    • Get a common understanding of antimilitarism

    • Learn the history of antimilitarism in street activism

    • Networking - create a common approach in promoting peace

    • Promote European values of democracy, freedom of speech, peace and non-violence

    • Implement a street action in Vienna

    Are you interested? We are happy to send you further information about the training. All costs are covered by Erasmus+ (travel, food & accommodation).

  • Arbolife - Formation: Modèle d'organisation à autorité et leadership distribué
    ArboLife - Formations en Gouvernance distribuée à Neuchâtel, Lausanne ou Genève A quoi ressemblerait le fonctionnement d'une équipe, d'une association ou d'une organisation qui placerait l'humain et l'intelligence collective au centre ? Faut-il éliminer la hiérarchie ou la réinventer ? Comment faire pour ne pas se retrouver dans une impasse avec de belles valeurs, un manque de structure et une baisse d'efficience ? Quelles sont les nouvelles façons de collaborer et de manager tout en augmentant l'agilité, l'efficience et l'action ? Pour répondre à ces questions, notre formation pratique de deux jours s’adresse autant à ceux qui veulent découvrir les pratiques de ce nouveau paradigme organisationnel qu’à ceux qui fonctionnent déjà dans une organisation en auto-gestion et qui souhaite encrer leur posture de facilitateur et de contributeur à la transformation de la culture et du système de l’organisation.Nous avons trois nouvelles sessions prévues d'ici la fin d l'année. Détails et inscriptions ici. Intéressés? Contactez-nous!

  • Fondation IdéeSport - Offre d'emploi - Chargé-e de projet
    Nous sommes une équipe super dynamique et nous recherchons un nouveau collègue pour nous rejoindre. Pour plus d’info.

  • Experience Radical Collaboration for Teams - Teaser, 25.04.19, Bern
    We have done 2 Radical Collaborations with euforia the last year, and we have learned a lot, and we are really excited to take our learnings forward which means we want to tweak the focus, and make this Radical Collaboration Training a dedicated training for TEAMS. We have seen what a difference it makes when teams go through this journey together, and not as individuals. Come to our teaser event in Bern the 25 April to get first insights of the training. Check out the full training.

  • euforia - Bern community
    An alle Berner*innen unter euch! Wir möchten unsere Community in Bern wieder ein bisschen aufleben lassen, sei es mal wieder durch ein get together, Share and Grows, oder Events, die in Bern stattfinden. Hast du Lust in irgendeiner Art involviert zu sein? Dann melde dich bei Camille.