Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #41

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  • euforia - Strategy Day
    Together we would like to co-shape our vision and define our strategy for the coming years. Because we want to really make sure that we answer to the needs and wishes from our community, volunteers, and stakeholders, we would love to have your Feedback. Do you have 3 minutes? Please fill in this two questions short survey! You want to contribute even more? You are welcome to join us in Bern the 29th of October from 9am-5pm in aki. Please sign up, in order for us to plan. Let’s strategize and have a celebration of togetherness.

  • Impact Hub Basel - Climathon Basel
    Are you interested in taking action in Basel? Climathon - the global Climate Action Hackathon is taking place for the very first time in Basel and even bilingual! No special skills needed, just come and help us solve climate change challenges like urban cycling, save food or renewable energy! Here more info.

  • Impact Hub Basel - Incubator
    Unlike many other incubators, Impact Hub Basel Incubator will not be a program supporting entrepreneurs in the idea stage, but rather provide follow-on support to startups that have completed a first-stage incubation program or have accessed the market in any other form already. In most cases, the startups cannot afford their own office space at this time, nor do they have the financial means for experts to advise them in this phase on solving the upcoming challenges. By offering a follow-on solution for the startups concerned, Impact Hub Basel would like overcome this gap. Click here for more information.

  • shiftbalance - 21-days Boost your Power challenge

    The « 21 days Boost your power challenge » is an opportunity for women all around the world to learn concrete tools to develop their power and feel more fulfilled in their lives. 💪 😍 It involves watching a short video of 5-10 minutes and carrying out a simple task each day during 10 minutes maximum. The challenge will start on the first day of each month. It will be in English, French or Spanish and subtitled in German, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Japanese and soon Portuguese and Arabic. Register here. More info on shiftbalance here.

  • Tsadik Foundation & euforia - Enable you vision / boost for your project financial support
    Tsadik Foundation offers funding for projects that are on the verge of being starting and for projects which are already running but need a boost. You can get support of up to 4000 €. The money will be allocated to one project or split between projects. Note that one of the project team members must be a former participant of a euforia event. Check here for more information and get in touch with Nora.