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  • SCI Switzerland - Join the training "Climate beyond individual Action - how to organize young people for climate justice", 18 - 24 October 2019 in Kagel, Germany
    As Greta Thunberg and the other inspiring organisers of the Fridays for Future school strikes have shown, youth are more than willing to step up for their future! This trend is not only a chance to turn the wheel on politics and businesses, so that we can prevent at least some of the horrible consequences of climate change. It is also a trend to get young people politicized, to get young people to organize themselves to step up for what they believe in. In this training, 33 participants of climate justice organisations and peace/volunteering organisations from 15 European countries will come together to learn from each other in how to organize youth, how to do activism for climate justice and how we can mobilize more young people into the climate justice movement. All costs (participation fee, transportation, hosting etc.) are covered by Movetia. Here for more information or contact Loretta.

  • SCI Switzerland - Peace Training "Youth4Remembrance - Sharing tools how to encourage millennials to critically reflect o European history", 31 Oct - 6 Nov 2019
    In times of right-wing populism and neo-fascism rising to the political mainstream in Europe, it is important to remember our past and to learn from the mistakes our ancestors have done. We need to remember war, racism, colonialism and authoritarian regimes in our own past. However, the generations that have witnessed for example National Socialism, Colonialism and the wars of the past are slowly disappearing. This means that young people themselves nowadays need to find new approaches of doing remembrance and answer, how can remembrance help to deal with the challenges of the present and what are challenging topics of today (right wing movement, climate justice crisis). Peace and remembrance organisations need to find new approaches of reaching young people, in order to promote this. All costs (participation fee, transportation, hosting etc.) are covered by Movetia. Here for more information or contact Loretta.

  • reatch - scImpact - Understand & Change the world with science
    The aim of the program is to make those who are interested in science aware of their responsibility and to enable them to make a difference with their knowledge. three core competences are fostered: critical reflection, communication and social cohesion. This will transform the participants into the critical, creative and cooperative problem solvers we need to tackle present and future societal challenges. Why should you participate: Do you want to make a difference with your knowledge and your research? We show you how! Do you want more than dry theory? We discuss the latest findings and their use in practice. Do you want to be part of a young science community that wants to make a difference? More info.

  • Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation - Helvetas Youth Pre-Event
    As part of the "Enterprising Africa" symposium, Helvetas is examining the prospects for the economic development of a young population and discussing with various experts how Africa's economic potential can be unleashed. We do not only want to talk about youth, but also hear the voice of the youth themselves. We therefore invite young people with a strong link to Africa to our Youth Pre-Event. There, we discuss with Ndidi Nwuneli about how young people can contribute to and benefit from economic growth in Africa. The symposium and the pre-event take place on October 1st, 2019 at the Kursaal in Berne. Both events will be held in English. Find more information on our webpage. More info.

  • we are watching - be part of artivism and contribute your portrait to “the flag”
    This month sees massive and powerful movements for climate action around the world. What happens next?From 2nd-13th December, global leaders will meet at the COP25 UN Climate Change Conference in Santiago de Chile to decide the future of our planet. 7.7 billion people await radical action. WE ARE WATCHING by Swiss artivist Dan Acher is a flag the size of a 10-storey building, made up of 77,000 portraits - one for every 100,000 world citizens - representing a giant eye. Starting in Santiago, the flag will fly directly over key climate events around the world, holding world leaders accountable as they decide the future of our planet.
    We have 3 weeks to put a face to the voices rising up for climate justice - add your portrait today!