Change is only real when it springs from within


We believe progress happens when people connect, share their aspirations, take action based on their strengths, and own their challenge. Refugees/immigrants face several challenges, among others inclusion to the Swiss society and culture, understanding the system in Switzerland, integrating to the job market and learning the local language.

That is why we are committed in supporting refugee/immigrant communities to think and act for and by themselves. Communities have the capacity to respond when they own the issue they struggle with. That capacity remains to be revealed and nurtured.

Hence, we joined forces with the Constellation to co-create our new community imp!act program - a strength-based participatory approach using non-formal education. community imp!act should not prescribe solutions, but should rather increase self-confidence of the (refugee) community members to create their own action plans.

Based on the Constellation’s Community Life Competence Process (CLCP) and euforia’s imp!act training we want community imp!act to be a 3-day workshop, where communities identify their common challenges, brainstorm solution ideas, put them into concrete project action plans, test them right away and receive feedback and support from experts.

5 reason why you should participate:

  1. Discover your and your community's potential

  2. Learn to act out of your/community strength

  3. Experientially learn to set up your own or a community project

  4. Work together with experts across various disciplines and gather valuable experiences

  5. Develop competence in communication, team building and project development

In collaboration with:

The Constellation

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Upcoming (community) imp!act events