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In a world changing at an increasing speed, organizations come across wide range of both local and global challenges. Uberization, digitalization, and the millennials are among the most cited ones, challenging existing working cultures and business strategies. Present leadership models, career paths, organigrams and ways of working will drastically change in the next decade.


euforia, strong of its background, accompanies organisations in the transition towards a sustainable culture for a digitized world. Through tailored, experience-based facilitation methods we provide the empowering framework in which your transformation can be co-created and co-owned by your employees.


Our vision


We believe in the potential of the individual, which lies at the heart of teams, organizations and companies. However, as a worldwide study from Gallup has shown, only 13% of employees are fully engaged at work and are actively contributing to the organization’s future. What about the other 87%? How do we create engaging and empowering working cultures and habits to unleash the potential of every single employee?

For us collaboration is key: across generations, business units and even organisations.


What we offer

In our services, we focus our impact on four dimensions:


We are also open to organise tailor-made programmes fitted to the specific needs of your organisation
and to offer our facilitation expertise for your meetings, conferences, workshops and retreats.
For Corporate enquiries please contact Severin von Hünerbein.



Who has trusted us so far?


euforia and PostFinance 2016


When collaborating with our partners,
we bring our Values with:

  • We focus on the impact: social, environmental and financial
  • We are solution-oriented
  • We are authentic, creative, passionate, flexible and diverse
  • We redefine the boundaries of what is possible
  • We collaborate radically
  • We have fun
  • We trust ourselves to try out, and allow ourselves to make mistakes and learn from them


Want to get in touch or get more information?

We would be delighted to get to know you. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information, or to come to your organization to explain our programs in person. You can get in touch with:




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Euforic Opportunities Creator

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Severin von Hünerbein
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