Here’s what euforia’s all about... and what you are getting yourself into ;)

We are a youth-driven social enterprise. We believe that the world needs more people who come together to imagine, design, and implement bold solutions to today’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges. That is why we provide fun, inspiring and engaging trainings and events empowering people who would usually not meet to collaborate radically and unleash their full changemaker potential.

Our Purpose

euforia aims to co-create a global movement that unleashes the qualities of youth in order to take action for a more just society in which everyone can unleash his/her full potential while respecting others and nature.

Our values

Dedication and impact: We are unsatisfied with the current world and dedicated to take action in order to foster justice and respect for current and future generations.

Authenticity: euforia stands for idealism, creativity, passion, naivety, flexibility, subversiveness, diversity, spiciness and integrity.

Joie de vivre and whole being: Fun, meaning and friendship fuel us, but we do not hesitate to stand up for our personal needs.

Radical Collaboration: We give everyone the opportunity to reach his/her full potential within a context of inclusion, competence and openness.

The Ooops culture: Be ambitious, be courageous, dare to doubt in yourself and enjoy the right to fail.


Here are your rights and obligations as a euforia member

By signing this charter you become a euforia member. Our members are comprised of all the people that work or contribute one way or another to euforia’s purpose and values. As you know by now, YOU are central to what we do, since many programs are organized by volunteers. Our employees do their best to create a great working environment for you and these rights and obligations are a part of it.


euforia provides clear information to its members via newsletter, social media, emails, general assemblies and other meet-ups. We communicate openly and share any information that you might need (within reason & confidentiality).

Right to speak and vote

Every member is invited to voice his/her point of view at the general assembly or any other meet-ups. Members have official voting rights at the general assembly.

Radical collaboration with you

We strive to:

  • Provide each member the adequate support and training to allow you to reach your full potential;

  • Ensure that your responsibilities are in line with your competencies and interests;

  • Foster trust and cooperation within all euforia teams.

Your dedication

You commit to spend the necessary time to fulfill your role at euforia,, to get to know our values and to respect them. All your activities must be aligned with euforia’s purpose.

Sustainability in practice

It’s crucial for us that we walk the talk on sustainability, which is why you’ll be eating local, fair trade, organic, vegetarian food and drinking in euforia re-usable cups when you attend our activities. When organizing any euforia-branded activity, please make sure you follow the Walk the Talk on Sustainability guidelines, which include making sure your event is certified CO2 neutral. This is compulsory for all euforia-branded activities.

Practicalities on membership

In general, your membership is for life. Oh yeah, once you join the euforia tribe it’s forever and ever.

Except if you (or euforia) wants to stop the membership, which can be done at any time with a simple email.

There are no membership fees.

Special mention for participants to the (r)evolution lab

After attending the (r)evolution lab, you will be part of an imp!act leader team that has the task of organizing and facilitating an imp!act event. Each team will sign a collective agreement with euforia that stipulates the details of this task and the co-operation with euforia.

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