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How to say it - workshop on short, powerful presentations

  • tbd, Zurich 8000 Zürich Switzerland (map)

Effective communication helps us to make sure people understand us, to get our message across, to motivate, persuade and inspire. On top of it, by identifying what we really want to say, we get to know ourselves better. We get to the essence of what really speaks within us. An empowering process and liberating feeling.

The goal of this workshop  is to give you powerful tools that you can use immediately to engage any listener; be it your team, your bosses or a potential customer.

Language of the course

French or German if desired


CHF 450.-

Duration and size

This 1-Day workshop is recommended for groups up to 10 people.

Key take-aways

  • Effective structure of a short presentation

  • Effective & simple techniques for delivery

  • Understanding of the audience you address

This workshop gives you a universal toolbox to communicate more effectively.

This workshop will give you plenty of room and opportunity to practise, learn and get feedback. It is anything but a boring lecture which buries you in facts, figures and theories to learn by hard. We will leverage the collective intelligence and make sure everyone takes home hands-on tools.

Part I – The Structure

Together, we will explore how structure affects what we say by looking at examples and personal experience. Everybody will apply an effective structure to their own presentation and lift it to the next level. Small groups allow us to experiment and rehearse. We will get feedback from our fellow group members to gain perspective on our speaking posture. The topic we talk about is not so important, but choose a topic you are passionate about as it will make your communication more successful. We will witness how the right structure makes us feel more confident and calmer while speaking. The group provides a safe learning environment where mistakes are no big deal.

Part II – The Delivery

We will look at powerful techniques to speak in front of people by discussing how we, as audience members, felt during famous speeches. We will rehearse some simple yet powerful techniques in a positive environment. We will apply them to our very own speeches, shaping them for impact. There really is no right and wrong, but we will understand when to best use each technique.

Starting with your partner, we will experiment with the techniques and get comfortable using them.

Part III – The Real Life

We will discuss how we can communicate successfully in different situations. Sometimes we speak to our team or we are asked to present in front of the board. Perhaps we have recently been promoted to lead a team or need to provide feedback to direct reports. In any of these situations, effective communication makes a big difference. We will look at the key aspects of communicating to different audiences. Everyone will develop their little catalogue of successful communication techniques.

Open mic

Who knows? Perhaps there is even room for the most courageous among us to stand in front of the group and showcase their new skills. What better environment to try than this positive workshop zone where everyone’s in the same boat?

Who should attend

Anyone who would like to say more in less time and become a better communicator. This workshop is especially useful for beginners and intermediate speakers. Best for example for:

  • giving your managers an update on your project

  • expressing your opinion in an important meeting

  • presenting your company to a potential customer


This workshop will teach concepts and techniques with relatable examples, offer participants support material to apply the techniques and eventually lots of room and time to practise and get real-time feedback. This workshop is heavily experienced-based.




Christopher Lübbers - Lübbers | The Power of Speech
Speaker & Communication Coaching
TEDx Coach

For question please contact Oliver Müller, +41 76 456 78 49,

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