(r)evolution lab goes local: Lausanne and Zurich

In the past two weeks, two (r)evolution labs took place in Lausanne and Zurich. It was the first time that (r)evolution lab happened on a local level in the local languages. A total of fourteen participants got empowered to organize imp!acts in Zurich, Bern, St.Gallen (university course), Geneva and Lausanne (internal company imp!act). After this first project management weekend, both groups will practice their facilitation skills in April in a second training weekend.

We want to thank the facilitators team Anna, Mario and Lorenz (Zurich) as well as Natalia and Silène (Lausanne) for their amazing work and the participants for continuing spreading the changemaker vibes in their cities!

The next imp!act events will take place in Olten (internal FHNW) from 12 - 17 February, Lima/Peru from 22 - 25 February, Poznan/Poland from 28 February - 3 March, Lima/Peru from 13 - 16 March, Lausanne (internal in a company) from 14 - 17 March, St. Gallen (internal HSG) from 9 - 12 April, Bern from 25 - 29 April. The dates for Zurich and Geneva will be announced soon! Get an overview and find more information here.

Upcoming Radical Collaboration Trainings


Join us to improve your personal and professional relationships in a 3-day transformative journey. You will be enriching your life with great tools to improve the way you collaborate with yourself and with others. You can sign up to our next euforia Radical Collaboration trainings:

Find out more about Radical Collaboration here.

Engagement Opportunities from our buddies #6

  • Climate-KIC Journey Summer School
    The Journey is Europe’s largest summer school on climate innovation and entrepreneurship. It brings together students and professionals from all over the world. From validating an idea to understanding the market, structuring a business, and building a team, Climate-KIC gears participants up for the world of climate entrepreneurship. The Journey provides the tools to make an impact on the global effort to find solutions to climate change and supports participants in the quest to become a sustainable entrepreneur. Application deadline is the 18 February! Apply directly here
  • Motivated Web-designer / Homepage builder
    Galileo - a start-up with the goal to raise awareness about Impact Investments, is looking for a volunteer (reward and future engagement at Galileo can be discussed!) to help finalize the homepage with Word Press / Divi builder. The draft exists already, the web-designer must meliorate some information (reports, Videos, pictures etc.) as well some features.
    More about Galileo: Galileo IIIC (International Impact Investing Centre) aims to promote Impact Investments in Europe and Russia. Impact investments refer to investments for which achieving significant positive social and environmental effects are as important as financial returns. The Mission of the Galileo IIIC is to create a global community of people with the unifying idea of changing the world for the better. And in addition to building a bridge between enterprises that have a positive social and environmental impact, financial structures, and individuals who want to invest in such companies. As a result, we believe to create an additional flow of capital into companies that create positive social and environmental impact and to increase the number of projects globally. The Vision is to scale positive social and environmental impacts around the world and to improve the quality of people's lives and their environment. Facebook: #galileoiiic contact: svetlana.baurens@gmail.com 
  • Job offer: remote Junior Operation Manager
    Help YC alum and GiveWell-seeded charity New Incentives become a leader in evidence-based development aid. Join their mission to save lives using incentives to tackle a challenge that has long plagued Nigeria; less than 30% of infants in North West Nigeria are immunized! See the complete job description here
  • Impact Hub Geneva
    Spread the word & Apply now to #HackAgainstHunger! For hands-on collaboration opportunities with ITU & FAO At WSIS Forum from 18-19 March 2018 #HackAgainstHunger provides participants with a kick-ass Hackathon event to develop your ideas into solutions to ensure food security and sustainable agriculture, in collaboration with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  • Global Changemakers Global Youth Summit 2018
    "We are looking for the most inspiring, interesting, enthusiastic, determined, innovative young social entrepreneurs, community activists, volunteers and campaigners who are working towards attaining the SDGs across the globe. Participants should be between 18 and 23 years old at the time of the summit."  12 -18 August, Switzerland of application Deadline - 4th March. More info here
  • Info-Event: Volunteering Abroad with SCI
    Would you like to volunteer abroad? Support social, ecological or cultural initiatives? This informal get-together is a great way to learn about SCI and our projects abroad (short-term/long-term) - Volunteering for Peace - do you want to know more about it? Join our info event! Next dates: Tuesday 27/02/2018 - 18.30 p.m. (and 2 dates in March) Questions already? info@scich.org
  • Participate in peer-to-peer learning community in Zürich
    Openki envisions a society where education is part of everyday-life, self-determined and accessible for everyone. People of all social backgrounds meet to learn something together. In order to make this happen, we need YOU to participate in the community! It is easiest if you propose a course yourself (something you want to learn or teach) or participate in existing courses. You can do this at any time. For example right now! Or come and get to know us at Openki-Night on 16 February 2018, 20.00 - 2.00 h: If you cannot make it, would like to be more involved or just have any questions: flavia@openki.net
  • Filme für die Erde (Winterthur)
    Praktikum Produktion und Eventmanagement (60%)
    Praktikum Multimedia und Eventmanagement (60%)
    Dauer: Mitte Juli bis Mitte Oktober 2018 Einsatz: 60%, im Backoffice Winterthur Entlöhnung: 800 CHF / Monat Brutto. Mehr Infos hier
  • Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context
    is organized under the patronage of UNESCO and enables those active in the fields of science and research to examine moral questions and ethical topics of today and tomorrow in a global context – beyond the boundaries of academic fields, cultures, traditions, religions and worldviews – and to search together for solutions and the possibilities of implementing them. This involves critical analysis, constructive discussions and the consideration of different perspectives. More info and sign up here

This happened at The Unleash Project last weekend

How can we bring more wellbeing, impact and meaningfulness into institutions? This and more questions we explored the past week end at The Unleash Project in Geneva. It was already the third weekend of this cycle and consisted of different workshops and sessions around the Institutional Level.

With Yoko Malbos from euforia we dived into the topic of Teal Organizations, with a special focus on «Evolving Purpose», «Self-Management» and «Wholeness». We shared our experiences about different types of organizations and learned practices and processes of Teal Organizations.

In the afternoon, Reini Hauser introduced us to the World Work Facilitation, a practice that works a lot with what’s not visible in group discourses, especially when conflicts appear: feelings, intuitions, tensions. We experienced this method in a simulation with the topic IN/OUT Switzerland by taking on the different roles of expats, refugees, Swiss and others.

The end of the day we spent with an apéro and the Share & Grow Night with an interesting input from Hans-Jürgen Koch, a former manager in the finance sector with over 30 years of experience. He gave interesting insights about how to navigate big institutions.

On Sunday morning we continued with Osi König from Collaboratio Helvetica with whom we learned more about cross-organizational collaboration. He shared his realization of the personal identity as a requirement to build a collective identity in order to achieve successful collaboration between organizations and a real change in society. Together we explored the questions what hinders us to collaborate with others and what are the conditions for fruitful cross-organizational collaborations.

Human-centred Design or Service Design was the topic of the workshop with Christoph Pian. The method really puts the human in the centre, meaning that the act of designing aims at improving the experience of people. Hence, empathy and good observation, coupled with a set of creativity/problem-solving tools are the key ingredients of a human-centred design process. we discussed and tried out the four steps to use in a real design process: Defining the problem statement, Stakeholder Map, Creation of a Persona and Storyboarding.

After the inspiring workshops we continued with a reverse coaching session in pairs in order to reflect on our personal and professional experiences and challenges. The coaching session is something we do every weekend and it helps to find ways on how to transform the learnings into real life. We finished the weekend with a debriefing and reflection round.

We want to wholeheartedly thank our amazing host team, the volunteers and of course the participants who co-shaped this inspiring weekend with us! The next one will take place on April 7-8 in Geneva with the topic «Societal level: SDGs and Impact Initiatives». Get more information and register here.

Welcome Rabea!


I am Rabea 33 years old, born in Jenin - Palestine, grew up in Jordan and I moved for work to Switzerland in 2011. If I have to describe myself in few words, I can say that I am a sociable person who loves meeting people from different cultures, ambitious, and I love traveling.

I got my BA and my first master degree from Jordan when I was working as an assistant branch manager for a  Jordanian bank. My experiences and strong network brought me to work for a Swiss financial company, where I learned a lot and enjoyed developing their businesses in the Middle-East.

Since the company closed its doors for financial reasons, I decided to follow my heart and work for a non-profitable organization. I joined the Heartbeat circle to meet the accountant's needs and to make sure that the financial data is well organized.

I always strive to be a positive changer anywhere and being a part of Euforia will help me to find this opportunity :-)

Das Kölner Team am step into action Trainingswochenende

An einem Freitagmorgen machen sich neun motivierte, junge Menschen aus Köln in Richtung der Schweiz auf. Ziel ist die kleine Stadt Gossau, dort wird das erste Trainingswochenende von step into action stattfinden, was sich das Kölner Team als Neuzugang der Familie natürlich nicht entgehen lassen möchte. Nach einigen Stunden Autofahrt mit einer überragenden Playlist, die die Zeit wie im Flug vergehen lässt, erreichen wir am Nachmittag das Pfadiheim, wo wir herzlich empfangen werden. Da die anderen schon mittags vor Ort waren und mit der Simulation von step into action angefangen haben, gibt es nur eine kleine Vorstellungsrunde und schon steigen wir mit ins Programm ein. Mit den Themenbereichen Menschenrechte und Umwelt erleben wir den Parcours aus der Sicht eines Teilnehmers. So bekommen wir, die das Konzept bisher nur als graue Theorie kennen, ein viel besseres Verständnis davon. Außerdem macht es tierischen Spaß, schnell vergisst man seine Rolle und geht ganz in den Challenges und Diskussionen auf ;) Nach einem fantastischen Essen klingt der Abend mit einer kuscheligen Märchenstunde und gemütlichem Beisammensein aus.

Samstag und Sonntag geht es dann produktiv, aber auch immer mit viel Spaß verbunden weiter. Wir dürfen viel über Themen wie die Grundsätze gelungener Teamarbeit oder die grundlegenden Werte und Ziele von step into action erfahren und lernen. In schönen Gesprächen und Methoden lernen wir einander besser kennen. Ob in der Großgruppe oder den einzelnen Teams, es wird eifrig geplant und organisiert, zwischendurch darf natürlich auch die ein oder andere gute Mahlzeit nicht fehlen.

Leider müssen wir uns Sonntag nach dem Mittagessen etwas früher als die anderen verabschieden und auf den Rückweg nach Kölle machen, denn uns stehen noch einige Stunden im Auto bevor. Wir sind zwar alle etwas erschöpft von einem intensiven Wochenende, aber man kann die Motivation und den Tatendrang spüren, die sich in allen breit gemacht haben. Drückt uns die Daumen, dass wir diese Energie jetzt nutzen und in unsere Planungen stecken können, damit wir ein cooles Event auf die Beine stellen können. Wir hatten jedenfalls ein tolles Wochenende und freuen uns schon auf das nächste Mal, wenn wir mit den Schweizern zusammentreffen :)

#euforicEngagementFriday – 12 January 2018

Our latest engagement opportunities:

From the marketplace

  • Coworking in neue Gemeinden: Machbarkeits-Abklärungen  
    Paid | Deadline 15. Januar | Link
  • Join the marketplace team
    Deadline 30 January | Link

From euforia

  • Collaboration Radicale® - spécial jeunes, étudiants et bénévoles
    Rejoint la formation Collaboration Radicale à Genève du 26 au 28 janvier 2018. Plus d'informations ici.
  • Organise ton propre imp!act en Suisse romande
    (r)evolution lab vient à toi ! Participe à la première formation en français et organise ton propre imp!act pour les futurs jeunes changemakers en Suisse romande. Le (r)evolution lab aura lieu le 26-27 janvier à Lausanne + 1 jour en février à Genève + 2 mars à Lausanne. Plus d'informations ici
  • imp!act HSG
    Bereits zum vierten Mal findet vom 9. - 12. April der imp!act HSG statt. Im akademischen Kontext führen wir in 4 Tagen imp!act mit ca. 25 Studierenden durch. Der Anlass ist eine Ko-Kreation von oikos und euforia. Die Absicht mit diesem Projekt ist das “Changemaker Spirit” an die HSG zu bringen. Mehr informationen findest du hier
  • Create an euphoric workshop at EVOLVE - oikos Conference on Social Entrepreneurship
    EVOLVE is a platform for sharing about the increasing opportunities within social entrepreneurship and its rapidly evolving environment. Be part of shaping the conference with an empowering workshop. We invite you to host a workshop on how to turn an idea into a concrete project. Get in touch with severin@euforia.org for more information.

From our like-minded buddies

  • Introduction to Impact Investing
    The Workshop will cover all aspects of this topic and deliver a broad understanding of the sector. You will learn by practical examples what impact investing is, how it is different from sustainable investments and why this is important for our planet and the people. We will look at different techniques of impact measurement, innovative deal structures that impact investors apply for financing social enterprises. You will also learn about possible investment opportunities with purpose. Join us on Monday 5 February from 18.45 to 21.00. More information here
  • Genderlab - be you network (français)
    Le GenderLab est un événement participatif sur l'inclusion du genre et des thématiques LGBTI dans les organisations de jeunesses. Si tu es intéressé-e à en apprendre plus sur ces thématiques, si tu te demandes comment montrer ton ouverture auprès des jeunes ou si tu veux booster l'inclusion au sein de ta structure, cet événement est fait pour toi ! Quand ? La journée du vendredi 26 janvier 2018 à Genève. Pour qui ? Pour toutes les personnes qui sont en contact avec des jeunes dans leurs structures. Plus d'infos ici
  • Genderlab - be you network (deutsch)
    GenderLab is a hackathon (1 day) on the topic of gender & inclusion that will take place in February 2018. We aim to change youth responsible' attitudes and behaviors towards gender and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, intersex) youth and thus allow everyone to feel included and reach their full potential. Mehr Infos hier
  • Invitation from Fortuny & Imperative: Start Your Year with Purpose
    During this introductory but highly interactive workshop, you will learn what purpose really means, introducing the purpose movement and the impact of purpose on individuals, organizations, and society. Further, through interactive exercises, we will help you learn how to infuse more purpose into your job and life. What will you take away? Insights about purpose drivers to determine intrinsic motivators, specific tools and tactics to achieve a purpose-rich career and life Handouts. More info here
  • Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context
    is organized under the patronage of UNESCO and enables those active in the fields of science and research to examine moral questions and ethical topics of today and tomorrow in a global context – beyond the boundaries of academic fields, cultures, traditions, religions and worldviews – and to search together for solutions and the possibilities of implementing them. This involves critical analysis, constructive discussions and the consideration of different perspectives. More info and sign up here
  • Social Impact GmbH - Agentur für soziale Innovationen in Deutschland
    Wir suchen personelle Verstärkung an verschiedenen Standorten in Deutschland für ein neues Projekt. Mehr Infos hier
  • Soziale Innovation ist auch im neuen Jahr im Berner Generationenhaus
    Der Verein SIBA veranstaltet am 19. Januar ab 17 Uhr wieder einen Vernetzungsanlass für Projekte der sozialen Innovation und für das breite Publikum. Wir laden alle Interessierten ganz herzlich ein und freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme. 
    Mehr Infos zu SIBA auf Journal B und SIBA auf Facebook

Feel free to share opportunities you're passionate about and help in adding value to the community. Please, send them to www.euforia.org/opportunities.

step into action à l'ONU

Les Nations Unies ont célébré, cette année, la Journée mondiale des droits de l'enfant sous le thème #KidsTakeOver, en encourageant les jeunes du monde entier à assumer des rôles dans les gouvernements, les médias et le divertissement pour les sensibiliser aux souffrances  et aux problématiques des enfants du monde entier.

La Journée mondiale des droits de l'enfant a lieu chaque année depuis 1954 "pour promouvoir la solidarité internationale, la sensibilisation des enfants du monde entier et améliorer le bien-être des enfants". La journée est marquée tous les 20 novembre pour commémorer l'anniversaire de l'adoption de la Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant.

step into action Genève a organisé en collaboration avec l'UNICEF, son édition 2017 dans un lieu prestigieux : le Palais des Nations, à Genève, au siège européen de l'ONU !!! Lors de cette journée exceptionnelle, step into action a proposé à plus de 200 élèves et 50 adultes, un parcours interactif de 4h au sein même de l'ONU, au terme du quel était proposé un marché d'actions.

Ce marché d'actions est une étape importante de notre parcours, il propose à nos participants des actions concrètes qu'ils peuvent faire ou aider à développer à leurs échelles. Comme chaque geste compte, nos 11 partenaires présents ont proposé des opportunités concrètes ouvertes à tous.

Ses prochains jours sur la page Facebook step into action Genève nous allons vous présenter nos partenaires et vous pourrez y découvrir des choses que vous aussi vous pourrez accomplir 💪 !!!!!

Toute l’équipe de step into action a déjà commencé l’organisation de l’édition 2018 pour laquelle les inscriptions en tant que bénévole sont ouvertes :D !