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your way to meaningful careers and institutions

By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce and as recent studies show, 90% of them seek jobs with meaning, while 85% would like to contribute to society in their profession (Shell youth study, 2015). At the same time organizations from all sectors feel the need to change the ways of working, for more well-being at all levels: individual, team, institutions and society (in line with the Sustainable Development Goals). Our current education system is outdated and does not provide them with the kind of skills required to fulfill these needs.

We believe it is high time to mainstream new ways of learning, working and innovating that are adapted to the challenges our economy, society and environment face in the 21st century.

What is The Unleash Project?

Digitalization and transparency, globalization and complexity, Generation Y and change of values: our work environments are changing. Therein lies the huge opportunity to rethink work in a way that unleashes potential for more wellbeing and impact at all levels: individual, team, institutional and societal. The Unleash Project is an open source, inclusive, transformative and experience-­driven exploration program to thrive in the paradigm shift of work of the 21st century across sectors and generations. Like-minded youth, individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds explore the attitudes, skills and knowledge it takes to move from careers to vocation.

Why should you participate?

Explore and co-shape the work cultures of the future!

  1. Be inspired through the exploration of innovative tools and approaches for personal, team and cultural development.
  2. Exchange perspectives with unlikely collaborators coming from different cultural, societal and professional backgrounds.
  3. Do collective action research of the tools by applying them in your context.
  4. Practice new attitudes within the workshop’s community.
  5. Experience whole-person, inclusive, human-centered and experiential methods.

Programme flow and content


The programme is built around 3 dimensions spread over four workshop weekends:

The “Explore & Exchange” dimension consists of experiential workshops led by trainers and facilitators with diverse backgrounds. They enable the participants to explore, live and exchange about new attitudes, skills and knowledge in order to unleash potential at personal, team, institutional and societal level.

The "Action Research" dimension encourages participants to try out the new tools in their own environment through reverse coaching sessions at the end of each weekend.

The “Community” dimension allows participants and euforia community members to share their own discoveries in Share & Grow nights (open community evenings where we encourage participants to share an idea, a concept, a field worth sharing).

Dates & Topics

The following dates contain one entire program cycle which lasts from September until April. However, it is possible to enter the program at any time and level. Every training is an entry point and you have the possibility to finish it in the following cycle, starting in September 2018.

22 - 23 September 2017: Personal Level: Focus, Mindfulness and Wholeness, Share & Grow Night
Kulturpark, Pfingstweidsrasse 16, Zurich

The personal level gives the participants the opportunity to explore attitudes, skills and knowledge to unleash potential for wellbeing and impact at the personal level:

  • Discovering personal potential and intrinsic motivation (including qualities, values and moral compass, purpose)
  • Strengthening the ability to live the potential as well as motivation andovercoming barriers
  • Enhancing own self-management capacity, including well-being, balance and efficiency

> Find the detailed programme here.
> Read here what happened at the first weekend.


3 - 4 November 2017: Team Level: Creating a collaborative working environment, Share & Grow Night
Innovationsdorf, Wylerringstrasse 36, Bern

The team level gives the participants the opportunity to explore attitudes, skills and knowledge to unleash potential for well-being and impact at the team level:

  • Building connection and getting to know team members
  • Creating a common basis for a team, including purpose and principles
  • Using the collective potential through facilitation and collective intelligence

Find the detailed programme here.


3 - 4 February 2018: Institutional Level: Organizations of the 21st century, Share & Grow Night
Geneva or Lausanne

The institutional level gives the participants the opportunity to explore attitudes, skills and knowledge to unleash potential for well-being and impact at the institutional level:

  • Institutional cultures, structures and models adapted to the new contexts
  • Good Practices for Innovation, Sustainability, Best-Place-to-Work and Human-Centred Leadership
  • Collaboration across organizations and sectors


7 - 8 April 2018: Societal Level: SDGs and Impact Initiatives, Share & Grow Night
Geneva or Lausanne

The societal level gives the participants the opportunity to explore attitudes, skills and knowledge to unleash potential for well-being and impact at the societal level:

  • Developing impact networks and communities
  • Contributing to and driving forward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Admission Criteria

To join The Unleash Project, you:

  • You are a curious, bold and inclusive pioneer full of energy to explore work cultures for the future
  • You have basic experience in Project Management and team work
  • You have a good level of English
  • You share euforia’s values and vision and feel energized and motivated by our common workshop attitudes:
    • You get what you give
    • Whole Presence - "We can be fully here with all that we are"  (> our attitude towards ourselves)
    • Safe Space & Radical Collaboration – "We are curious and compassionate, seeking to learn with/from each other rather than judge"    (> our attitude towards others)
    • Exploration & Experimentation - "We explore, often go into our stretch zones and embrace mistakes"  (> our attitude towards the topics and the doing)


The following fees represent the fees for the current programme cycle until April 2018:

  • Rate 1 – Low Budget: 150 CHF per weekend or 500 CHF for the whole cycle*.
    If you are faced with a difficult financial situation, we invite you to apply for Rate 1, describing your financial situation in the application form.
  • Rate 2 – Medium Budget: 250 CHF per weekend or 800 CHF for the whole cycle*.
    If your current financial situation allows you to do so, we invite you to pay rate 2. With this rate you contribute to cover the basic costs of the program.
  • Rate 3 – Donor Budget rate: 350 CHF per weekend or 1200 CHF for the whole cycle*.
    If your current financial situation allows you to do so, we invite you to pay the donor rate. With this rate you contribute to social balance by cross-financing rate 1 and 2.

*People who sign up for the whole cycle can also choose mid-cycle to move to action by participating in our transformative event bootcamp, the (r)evolution lab during the weekends 3 and4.


Included in the fees are:

  • Participation to the workshop weekend(s), incl. workshop material
  • One vegetarian meal offered during the workshop weekends
  • Participation to the Share & Grow Nights
  • Becoming part of the euforia network (access to engagement offers, etc.)

Yes, yes, yes, yes? Then apply now!

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