Our team

The way we work at euforia is non-hierarchical, consensual and radically collaborative. On top of that, it builds on holacracy, that's why at euforia we don't work according to a top-down organigramme. We are rather organised in circles, each of which has their own purpose, domains and accountabilities. euforia wouldn't be the organisation it is today if it weren't for the incredible work of more than 100 active volunteers, in Switzerland and abroad.


Heartbeat Circle

Coordination, Administration, Talent Development, Financial Management, Fundraising, Knowledge Management, Organisational Development, Strategic Planning, Impact Evaluation, Wellbeing:

Nathalie Bréant
Chief Happiness Officer

Jerónimo Calderón
Chief Inspiration Officer

Luís Costa
Impact Evaluation Booster

Yoko Malbos  
Chief Operating Officer

David Martin
Finances Skipper

Karima Yahia
Admin officer

Youth circle

Programme Design, Facilitation, Academic and Executive Training, Knowledge Management, Training and Coaching of volunteers:

Sidsel Andersen
(r)evolutionLab Booster

Malika Dreyfuss
(r)evolutionLab Coordinator

Natalia Luque
(r)evolutionLab Booster


Corporate Circle

Business Services, Sales:

Chantal Calame
Chief Euphoric Officer

Alessia Cervone
Chief Empowerment Officer

Severin von Hünerbein
Euphoric Business Enabler

Marietta Scheurmann
Facilitation and Programme Manager



Outreach Circle

Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Events, Community building, and Storytelling:

Javier Quero
Chief Creative Officer

Martina Schlumpf
Happy News Heralder

Magdalena Schneider
Director Outreach & Network Architect