Leading with Impact Learning Notebook

Deadline for Sign up: 2 October 2017



euforia is looking for 1-2 people flexible, well structured individuals to join a team together with Simon Mathis to create a comprehensive, interactive and easy-to-use toolbox for euforia members to self-train in euforia's corporate services, specifically the program Leading with Impact. It should combine all relevant information about the program, the history, the methods & theories, contact list and links to the various tools that have already been developed and be accessible both on- and offline. The goal for the Project is to have a workable solution ready before the end of 2017.

The higher goal of this project is to empowers euforia members to become corporate impact leaders, and to allow for the growth of euforia and its unicorns, by bringing  forth a self-empowering, decentralized, sexy and at the same time leanest learning experience.


Flexible, starting from 1-2 hours a week


Well structured person that has experience in euforia programs and facilitation (e.g. eTP, imp!act). Additionally, basic IT skills are required. A creative edge and a fable for videos is a plus.  


CHF 25-30/hour, depending on experience, to be discussed -> most probably it will be a working package with a fix amount of money for a certain output; learning opportunity in Knowledge Management, facilitation theory, e-learning