Leading with impact facilitators training is waiting for you! — Why should you do this?


We’re looking for unreasonably motivated young people aged between 20 and 35 to participate in a training to become the next generation of professional euforic facilitators of Leading with Impact (LWI), one of euforia’s corporate programme. A new offer? Yes, because we want to open up the opportunity to facilitate the future trainings, for companies that are lining up in 2017, beyond euforia staff.


What is Leading with impact?

Leading with Impact is a 3 day leadership and change management program designed to prepare leaders to proactively tackle challenges ahead. This program gives a unique opportunity to professionals to interact directly with young people of the Y and Z generations, and to learn new managerial concepts along the line of the 4 dimensions of euforia’s 21st century leadership model: Human-centered Leadership, Sustainable Business, Driving Innovation and Best place to Work.


What we offer: the training - 19/20 April 2017 - Bern, innovationsdorf

During the course of the LWI facilitators training, you will:

  • find out more about the benefits and tasks of a trainer and facilitator
  • receive targeted feedback
  • gain deeper insights into euforia's vision and methodology especially in relation to corporate environments
  • bring your training design and delivery skills to the next level
  • get to know new facilitation methods and techniques used in LWI
  • be inspired by the stories of experienced trainers
  • get first access (according to when the trainers believe you are ready to rock it) to be a paid facilitator in the next corporate trainings happening in 2017 and beyond
  • be part of a pool of facilitators and LWI experts with the potential of selling your own corporate trainings under the umbrella of euforia in the future
  • have PLENTY of FUN!

In short, this is your opportunity to boost your learning experience, acquire additional expertise and pass it on to the business world!


What you offer: LWI facilitator

After the training you will:

  • participate in at least one Leading with Impact or any other corporate trainings as a third facilitator (mainly observing and learning). Be aware that this would be compensated with a junior salary.  Exact amount to be co-created with the other trainers.
  • facilitate at least one Leading with Impact or any other corporate training as first or second facilitator in 2017. This job would be paid. Exact amount to be co-created with the other trainers.
  • prepare your sessions in advance before leading any trainings
  • participate in any coordination meeting needed to prepare the training
  • covering your own expenses for the facilitator training (accommodation, food and transportation).



  • attended (r)evolution lab (formerly known as eTP)
  • attended the unleash project (not a must have but highly recommended)
  • facilitated at least one imp!act
  • attended a Radical Collaboration training (highly recommended)
  • being an experienced young facilitator / trainer outside of euforia (if this is your profile we will interview you to decide of your participation in the training)
  • be able to cover the 150 CHF participation fee
  • motivation and implication, to be part of this pool of facilitators

Yes, yes, yes?! Then APPLY NOW!

Please fill in the form in this link. For any questions please contact corporate@euforia.ch. We are looking forward to continue the journey with you.

Deadline for application: Friday, March 31st