Welcome to the leadership of the 21st century

While the world is facing major challenges due to globalisation and digitisation, a new generation enters the labour market and places new demands on companies. Generations Y and Z (today’s 16 to 32 year old’s) will represent 75% of the entire workforce by 2025, and their needs and values are different from those of their parents. In fact, junior professionals demand flexible working conditions and value purpose in what they do more highly than job security and salary. This likely results in misunderstandings and conflicts with more senior employees and executives, which could eventually lead to young talents leaving the organisation. At euforia we are convinced that, along with the varied skill-set younger talents bring with them, these generational differences are an asset for companies and will help them stay competitive in the ever-changing global and digital world. Finding innovative solutions and designing new strategies and business models is key to this end, therefore such differences should be valorised and celebrated.

euforia’s corporate programmes are based on three principles: experiential learning, truthfulness and impact. Participants are exposed to new leadership skills and know-how through hands-on experience, and are enabled to apply their learnings right away.


A change management and leadership programme that invites participants to prototype and brainstorm with young people, helping them create working environments that foster innovation, better integrate young generations and contribute to an organisation's sustainable success. For more information please visit www.leadingwithimpact.ch.


Experience our approach during one of our Leading with Impact teaser events. Get to know euforia and Leading with Impact in one afternoon, get inspired by young participants from Generation Y and try new ways of leadership development and engagement.

We offer customised events upon request. Sign up here or contact us for more information:

“We set ourselves ambitious goals in the domains of innovation and leadership, we have to get ready for a new generation of employees as well as customers. Leading with Impact helps us reach these goals.”
— Christian Petit,
Director Enterprise Customers, Member of Swisscom’s Corporate Management

Customised services

Here are 3 examples of current transformation and training mandates we have been given by various organisations and companies. For more information about our custom-built services, please contact lwi@euforia.ch.


Transforming an organisation from the bottom-up.

We were invited to accompany a transformation process resulting from merging two companies with differing visions and cultures. The goal was to bring a bottom-up approach into the process and incorporate the employees' expectations. We organised workshops building on our methodology to empower employees to drive this transformation, and supported targeted projects to accelerate the process.

Accompanying the creation of a new in-house training programme.

Unlike traditional programmes, which often target executives, this programme focused on training entire teams to find new ways to collaborate. This is especially important since young generations have peculiar expectations when it comes to communication, collaboration and decision making. After a few workshops in which we assessed the needs of the team, participants learnt to give workshops by themselves. This meant that the company could replicate this training internally, therefore reaching a larger scale.

Facilitation for out-of-the-box conferences.

Our facilitators have designed numerous conference sessions to make them more engaging, inspiring and active by integrating our methodology – for example crowdsourcing or co-creation, –instead of having the audience listen to presentations for several days in a row. As a result, the audience feels more connected to the discussion and the conference will have a long-lasting impact on participants.