Social Impact Award Switzerland Finalists announcement


We are very happy to announce the 13 amazing Social Impact Award Switzerland 2017 Finalists:
CO-Objectifs 21 SA, Cuisine Lab, GrosselinCulture, Gymitrainer, Internet for Girls EMPOWERMENT LAB, L'éthiquette, LittleSwitzerland, MarketLab, MeasurImpact, MotherStories, Rendre le style au Vêtement,Thinkmilk and Waterdrop Vietnam.

A big THANK YOU to our partners: euforia, Impact Hub Geneva, UBS, WWF, Stiftung Mercator, Université de Vienne and ERSTE Stiftung as well as everyone who's supporting with us these young social entrepreneurs.


euforia offers an experiential learning class at HWZ

Last May euforia was invited to give a class at the University of Applied Science in Business Administration Zurich (or HWZ for the locals) on “Rethinking and experiencing leadership for social change”. Over 4 days, a dozen young professionals experienced the euforia approach to discovering and developing their own personal leadership plan, with the guidance and support of 2 euforians, Malika and Yoko.

What did the program look like?

As they arrived Wednesday evening the students dove straight deep into leadership with a Fishbowl around the question “What does Leadership in the 21st century mean to you?”.

Over the next couple days they experienced a program quite similar to imp!act, discovering the difficulties of collaboration through a card game, figuring out their very own changemaker/leadership model, brainstorming on concrete projects ideas for addressing topics of their choice (equality, climate change and political shifts), and, finally, developing their own personal 3 month leadership development plan. We added a unique twist to the training, as the students were given a flash-training in facilitation so that they actually were the trainers for their colleagues. The results were impressive and fun, as the students made the sessions their own, adapting them to their own contexts and developing their own fun energizers and signals. During one session clapping became the official cheerleading action to signal agreement or support for something that was said, resulting in some serious noise and laughs. For many students it was their first experience with facilitation and they found the tools and methods offered relevant and useful for their professional life.

On Friday afternoon the students were kicked out of class to go out and test their own personal leadership prototypes in the world and get a reality check. They loved the experience of stepping out of their stretch zone to share with the world what they wanted to do, and came back inspired by the experience.

On Saturday we offered an open space to do whatever the students chose, and we ended up sending them on a gratitude walk and then discussing the concrete application of holacratic principles at euforia. Many were enthused by this session, eager to figure out how these elements could be applied in their own hierarchical context, interested in the understanding that holacracy does not mean no hierarchy but distributed hierarchy.



What were the highlights?

As with all euforia trainings, we asked for extensive feedback, both orally and in written form. The students enjoyed the high quality of the training, the experiential learning approach and the graphic facilitation of the 4 days. They valued having time and space for introspection and prototyping their own leadership. One feedback that particularly surprised and pleased us was their discovery and appreciation of our positive mindset. And of course, they loved the informal euphoric setting, fun atmosphere and the openness and connexion created in the group.

“It was an interesting workshop, with a lot of inspiring topics and methodologies, which I will try to use in my business.”

Obviously, there was also constructive feedback and we’re already using it to improve next year’s class. The students sometimes had trouble connecting the concepts to their everyday work and we addressed some concepts they already knew, while missed out on addressing or deepening other elements. So for next year we’ll offer more open space to address the emerging needs of the class and check more in depth what their needs are beforehand. On top of this, we’re changing the format of the course to hold it in 2 parts: 2 days of training, followed by 4-6 weeks in their workplace during which the students will implement their leadership development and test the techniques we shared with them, and finally 1 day of training to debrief and solidify their learnings and commitment to their own leadership development.

“You both did a great job! Thank you for this experience.”

Giving this class was a superb experience, from the first contact with HWZ’s Sylvie Vlk and Prof. Sybille Sachs, right through the entire class and up to the debriefing with Sylvie and Sybille a couple weeks after. We’re truly grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity with great partners and we’re already looking forward to sharing with you the results of next year’s edition!

Yoko Malbos,
euforian, Chief Empowerment Officer and Co Founder

The SINGA Factory: Innovation through Diversity


Have you ever wanted to be a part of something that has never been done before? This fall, an innovative entrepreneurship program for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds will be launched in Zurich. It will be the first of its kind in Switzerland and YOU could be a part of it. Interested? Keep on reading...

SINGA Switzerland’s flagship startup program, the SINGA Factory, is designed for and with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds who want to start their own tech business in Switzerland. This 6 month part-time program will involve dynamic weekly workshops on the foundations of starting a business. The workshops will cover topics including: business modelling, trans-cultural training, legal aspects of founding a business, marketing and storytelling, finances and accounting, Swiss bureaucracy and pitching and leadership skills. All workshops will be designed and led by experts in the field, be as interactive as possible and include practical examples so that the participants gain insights from real life experiences and learn as much as possible within the limited time-frame. The SINGA Factory will start its first 6-month cycle in September 2017.

Alongside these weekly workshops, each of the participants, or SINGApreneurs, will be matched with a mentor who will accompany them throughout the program. Mentors will support the SINGApreneurs by sharing their professional and personal experiences, access to their own networks and advice on various aspects of living and working in Switzerland.

SINGA Switzerland is growing. While our energies are currently focused on the first cycle of the SINGA Factory and recruiting motivated coaches and mentors for the program, we are also looking to expand our SINGA Community. This will involve the organisation and hosting of various social and cultural activities. Two community projects already in the pipeline include a regular language meetup for German conversation practice, the SPRACHCAFÉ and movie, storytelling and cooking nights as part of our LIVING ROOM project. These are just a couple of the fun and easy going ways possible for people to meet, share ideas and expand their networks in Switzerland.

Would you like to be a part of an unprecedented program with real social impact? Or would you like to organize a social or cultural event for the SINGA Community? We are looking for experienced and motivated coaches and mentors who identify with SINGA’s mission and want to contribute their know-how to the program. We also encourage volunteers to get involved in our community activities like the SPRACHCAFÉ or LIVING ROOM or even create their own events!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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More information:
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"So many beautiful souls spinning around together"

Emmanuel was one of the participants of last year's (r)evolution lab and co-organized together with a bunch of likeminded peers imp!act Geneva in spring 2017. Here's how he experienced the programme.

Amazed. Inspired. Empowered. Dreamful. I felt so, and so much more, during my experience at the RevLab in 2016. After seeing with my bare eyes what a crazy pack of changemakers could do in only 3 days at imp!act, I couldn't stand it; I wanted to be a part of it, and in turn give what I received.

Turns out, I learned so much more again! The RevLab was truly tailored to our needs and demands, I felt, and I really felt like euforia was unravelling under my eyes. So many beautiful souls spinning around together, to deliver a surprising solution-oriented training for an organisation team. The training is so complete, in fact, that I use almost everything in my daily life and NGO even now, after imp!act is finished.

With its very clear shape (2 week-ends, each of them oriented towards specific parts of the event planning) and its awesome guests and speakers, RevLab really has premium feeling with a friendly taste, as I could not feel rigid or heavy hierarchy during the sessions. RevLab is simply a gathering of same-minded individuals that want to come together to unfold the potential of youth, and let it explode! Truly a next-gen training session, the kind I want to find again as I move through my path towards the state of change enabler <3

Join (r)evolution lab and organize your own transformative event in your neighborhood, city or company! The next programme cycle will start soon: 24-24 September (Zurich) and 3-5 November (Bern) 2017. Find more information and the registration form here.



>>> Invitation by WWF

Der ganze WWF mit all seinen Mitarbeitenden, vielen Freiwilligen, Stiftungsrat und Gästen trifft sich am 2. September in der Nähe von Bern zum ersten Mal zu einem gemeinsamen Tag. Da soll euforia nicht fehlen!

Gesucht sind Freiwillige, die euforia beim grossen Spiel des Morgens an einem Posten in 10 Minuten für die 400 Teilnehmenden erlebbar machen. Diese kommen in gemischten Gruppen à ca. 10 Personen vorbei.

Für den Nachmittag werden noch einige erfahrene Facilitators gesucht, die Lust haben, am Open Space eine Session zu leiten. Die Themen und Fragen werden ab jetzt eingegeben. Mehr Infos unter:

>>> Flyer

Freiwillige Eventmanager für das grösste Schweizer Umwelt-Filmfestival gesucht


>>> Invitation by Filme für die Erde

Für unser Filmfestival vom Freitag, 22. September 2017, suchen wir 15 motivierte Eventmanagerinnen und -manager, die an einem der 15 Austragungsorte ehrenamtlich helfen, das grösste Umwelt-Filmfestival der Schweiz durchzuführen.

Als Eventmanagerin oder -manager bist du das lokale Rückgrat des Events und leitest das Team der Freiwilligen vor Ort.

Als Dankeschön für deinen Einsatz erhältst du:

  • praktische Erfahrungen im Event-Management,
  • eine detaillierte schriftliche Bestätigung für deinen Einsatz, die du z. B. für Bewerbungen verwenden kannst,
  • einen spannenden Tag mit tollen Begegnungen und
  • ein leckeres Abschlussessen mit allen Helfern.

Weitere Informationen (Austragungsorte, Termine, ungefährer Aufwand in Stunden etc.) sowie die Anmeldung findest du unter

Wir freuen uns darauf, von dir zu hören!


A Meaningful Career: What are your options?


>>> Two invitations by Impact Hub Zürich

A Meaningful Career: What are your options?

Are you looking for a meaningful job? This urge combined with a need for innovation and positive impact leads us directly to concrete career options.

Our goal is to present you the paths for a job with meaning as social entrepreneurship & social intrapreneurship. Additionally you can connect with a network of peers who have similar questions. Why?

For more and more talented professionals who are predestined for a what-used-to-be stellar career, earning money and rising up the career ladder is not enough anymore. They are looking to change something in the world through their job: a career with purpose. This does not mean that money is not important. On the contrary, we all want to take care of our families and be able to enjoy the opportunities of our time. However, it should be possible to combine the different factors that makes us happy, shouldn’t it?

It turns out to be difficult for professionals to access opportunities to combine money and meaning. Are you one of those? Then this event is for you.


- - - - - - - - - -

Match-Making Event 17. Juli 2017

Are you a startup and looking for a new team member or even a co-founder? Or are you looking for a job or new opportunity in an impact startup?

Then take part in our Match-Making event on July 17 organised by Impact Hub Zürich. This Match-Making event brings together a large pool of talented jobseekers and up to 20 startups looking for new team members through a fun and efficient speed-dating format. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity!

Flow of the event: In the beginning each startup gets the chance to pitch during 60 seconds their venture and for who they are looking for in front of highly talented and motivated candidates followed by several rounds of 5 minute speed dates. Each candidate picks after the pitches their favorite startups and meets them in one of the speed-dating slots. During your ‚date‘ take the chance and explore if and how you can work together. Maybe a new team member, an advisor or even a co-founder is the right match…

After the speed-dating session, you can mingle during an informal networking apéro and meet the rest of the startups and candidates, as well as asking any follow-up questions you have.

Application Deadline is July 11, midnight for startups and jobseekers! Check out our homepage for more information and tickets.


Welcome to the NEWforia


Holy Journey! The reinventing euforia process comes to an end, laying out new opportunities for the Community and the future of euforia. Often described as a "roller coaster ride of feelings", the Journey was a beautiful and tough process, with ups and downs, where we tried to build a more collaborative and sustainable future for euforia.

We knew it wouldn't be easy because by "reinventing" we meant questioning and looking for ways to improve the way we do our work. And these new solutions needed to be a good match "for me, us & the world". Titanic task. But we did it and we're happy to implement the "newnewnewforia" from July on.

We're especially excited about one of the main outcomes, the creation of The Marketplace, an opportunity for the euforic community of volunteers and friends to implement new projects at euforia. In the past, we opened our programmes to let individuals worldwide organise imp!act or step in their cities. This time we're pushing the boundaries of collaboration to let our community bring in their ideas and develop their own projects. If you want to know more about it, Sidsel prepared this video and she's looking forward to your feedback regarding our new concept (please send any comments, thoughts or requests etc. to

As Elodie said it very well, we can all be euforia-preneurs and bring the euforia spirit to many different areas. If I can name one thing that makes us special, it is the capacity to live our values. I believe this is a beautiful way to honour our 10th anniversary and celebrate what has been the spirit of euforia since the very beginning: a safe playground to empower people to become changemakers.


Javier, Chief Culture Officer